Malta Guide Book vol.1

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Embark on a captivating journey to the enchanting island of Malta with our comprehensive guide book. Here you will find all information needed to explore the Maltese islands the right way



7 reviews for Malta Guide Book vol.1

  1. Mithilesh kumar

    I’m impressed in your progress opinion.this malta guide book 📖 is very helpful. We salute you sir 💐

  2. Stacey Muller

    Something i was really looking forward to! Alex well done for this guide book. Very precise and straight to the point, i loved the photo with the horse you shared with us as well. Highly recommended

  3. Matthew Spiter

    I love your videos Alex, even tough i am Maltese, i purchased it just to support in what you do. It was really interesting to read your recommendation from a foreigner point of view, and some of the Restaurants you mentioned in this book will definitely be in my list to visit this summer

  4. Pat Naidoo (verified owner)

    A brilliant guide. Concise and packed with information. A must have when visiting Malta. Well done Alex. Thank you for all that you do to show Malta in its best light. I look forward to meeting you. Keep up the good work.

  5. Marko (verified owner)

    Alex wrote all important things. He gave a piece of him. His soul. Heart.
    I am happy to finally have that version with me. Well done Alex. Proud of You. Can’t wait for a new one.
    I Learned so much about Malta because of you. And your presentation.

  6. Alex Misarins (verified owner)

    This is a guide book Malta needed. Any first time Malta visiter will find it handy to find what to do and how to entertain themselves. Glad to see volume 1 title, which means that there is a lot more info to be published my Alex in Malta.

  7. Marthez (verified owner)

    Thank-you so much Alex for this informative guide book. It’s packed with everything you need to know about the Beautiful Island of MALTA & I am going to print it out ( If I am able to lol 🤭 ) & share to family members who will be visiting MALTA in the coming months (~_~)
    Thank-you 💖 Your Maltese Moderator (Marthez) 🫶
    TAH DAH 😁 🥰

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